Minister Manescu says discussed with Commissioner Kallas several large-scale transport projects

Romania proposed several large-scale projects on transport that will bring extra value not only to Romania, but to the entire region and European Commissioner for Transport Siim Kallas voiced openness to support them, new Transport Minister Ramona Manescu said, after the first meeting held with the European official in Brussels.

Manescu said she and Kallas discussed the phase in the negotiations for the transport strategy and the Master Plan that the Romanian authorities are to finalize in the period ahead and she agreed with the European commissioner to coordinate the activity with the European Commission’s services.

‘Of course we have already established which are the projects we would like to conduct in the period ahead, but we are to set together with the EC which are the priority projects we’ll being with. We will prepare them together and with the EC support, so as to be able to get funding for these projects as early as from the first calls in 2014. The commissioner was quite open, since the projects we proposed are large-scale projects that bring extra value not only to Romania, but to the entire region and he was very glad to support us. We have all confidence that we, with our projects, will be able to obtain funding as early as from the first calls in 2014’, Manescu told a press briefing.

The minister did not offer any example of such large-scale projects, but she only explained it is about a list negotiated with the EU executive.

‘We try to have projects that can be applied as part of the overall cohesion policy as well as within the CEF, because we must use absolutely all resources, they do not exclude one another, therefore all the resources we have available must be used at the utmost’, she stressed.

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