Vosganian on looming criminal charges: If we acted in collusion, we are a country of accomplices

The President of Romania signed into law without even batting an eyelash the Bill on the grant of specific price facilities for natural gas, and if this is seen as acting in collusion, then Romania is a country of accomplices and people who undermine the economy, Minister of Economy Varujan Vosganian told a press conference.

‘Do you believe that if Parliament requests the start of criminal prosecution against me, I’ll wait with soft knees, moist palms, eyes cast down and bent shoulders for the President’s mercy not suspend me? (…) Should Parliament give the President this possibility, I for myself, in order to remain friends with the President, would avoid this embarrassing situation where he would suspend me for a measure six times less expensive (the President signed into law a normative act that provided the grant of even higher facilities for natural gas – Ed. note).

We are somehow complicit, but then there either has been no criminal group and each of us has keeps his moral stature, or there has been a criminal group and then we are all complicit in this – Prime ministers, European commissioners, the President of Romania, the ministers, we are a country of accomplices and underminers, because each in his own way has made a contribution. Just check the transcripts of Parliament meetings to see how many MPs have praised this measure, and how many voted for it,” Vosganian told the journalists when asked if he believes the President will ask for his suspension from office.

The Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) accuses Vosganian of having signed and supported in government during his term in office between 2007-2008 the grant of substantial discounts for the supply of natural gas to fertilizer producer Interagro in order to support the financial interests of a criminal group run by businessman Ioan Niculae, and of using Romgaz for the private interests of Interagro. In the same case DIICOT requested the start of prosecution against former Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu for measures of a similar nature taken between 2009 – 2010.

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