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Poll: Four in five Romanians approve of Parliament’s Rosia Montana project debate


Four in five Romanians approve of Parliament’s debate of the gold mining project at Rosia Montana (western Romania), shows a poll conducted by Infopolitic Centre of Studies and Research (CSCI) on Sept. 6-7.

The poll sent on Sunday asked the surveyed to answer the question: ‘The decision on Rosia Montana project will be made by public debate in Parliament. Do you personally agree or are against such a way of making the decision?’. 79 percent of the polled said they agree, 9 percent were against and 13 percent were undecided.

The poll also reveals that 67 percent of the Romanians are in favour of the investments that create jobs in mining even if environmental protests arise, while 21 percent choose the investments aimed to protect the environment, even though they do not bring economic growth; the remainder 12 percent said they did not know how to answer.

The economic issue remains a priority for more than half the Romanians, with 51 percent of the respondents choosing the job-creating investments, 21 percent approving of the investments that bring more money to the budget, of other projects in education and health care, 15 percent saying they favour the investments indirectly helping the private sector to develop and bring more taxes to the budget, 12 percent favouring the investments ensuring a healthy environment and 1 percent saying they cannot answer.

More than two-thirds of the polled want investments in new oil&gas exploitations (69 percent), while 21 percent want investments in environmental protection, even if they mean higher gas and fuel costs, with 10 percent saying they do not know how to answer.

The poll was conducted on a batch of 1,100 persons and has a tolerated 3.1 percent error and 95 percent probability.


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