Traian Basescu requests Justice Minister to initiate criminal proceedings against former Ministers Adrian Videanu and Ovidiu Silaghi

President Traian Basescu on Sunday sent requests to the Minister of Justice, Robert Cazanciuc, to initiate criminal proceedings against Adrian Videanu, former Minister of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, and Ovidiu Silaghi, former Minister of Transport.

The Presidency also specified, related to the requests sent to the Minister of Justice to start criminal proceedings against both of the abovementioned ministers, that it also already informed the Prosecution Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice about sending the requests.

Adrian Videanu was charged with collusion and undermining of the national economy, facts which he committed in the interval between December 2006 and December 2008, while being the Minister of Economy.

The Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) claims that, in the interval between December 2006 and December 2008, Adrian Videanu approved, signed and backed in the government such normative acts meant to support the financial interests of the criminal group set up by Ioan Niculae and he used national gas company SNGN Romgaz, a national unit of a strategic interest, in the private interest of Niculae’s agricultural group Interagro. The DIICOT explained it is about substantial commercial discounts on the natural gas delivery to Interagro above the caps practised by Romgaz as well as of natural gas from the domestic production only, in non-observance of the legal provisions and as Interagro was recording high debts to the payment of the already used gas, thus causing around 130 million dollars in damages.

With respect to Ovidiu Silaghi, former Minister of Transport, he was charged with influence peddling in continued form.

Silaghi was also accused of the fact that, back in 2002, during his terms as Minister of Transport, he asked businessman Nelu Iordache, manager of SC Romstrade SRL, as a favour, to open through the airline his group controlled new routes to link the Satu Mare Airport to other destinations in Europe.

The prosecutors from the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) claim that, in exchange for that favour, Ovidiu Silaghi promised to help the businessman with problems related to certain agreements SC Romstrade SRL had previously concluded with the Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads (under the subordination of the Ministry of Transportation), and also with payments to be made in reasonable time. At the same time, Ovidiu Silaghi received 200,000 euros from the same person to use his influence on decision making factors from the Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads (CNADNR) to cancel the decision to terminate some agreement and to postpone the termination of others.

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