Agricultural biotechnology is available solution for sustainable agriculture

The Romanian producers should be willing to analyse all the solutions available for sustainable agriculture, one of them being the agricultural biotechnology, the U.S. Charge d’Affaires in Bucharest Duane Butcher told a specialized forum.

In order to produce more, with fewer resources, the Romanian producers should be willing to analyse all the available solutions. The countries all over the world are increasingly laying stress on sustainable agriculture, that relies on a range of principles. The new instruments have enabled our producers to obtain outstanding results in the last 20 years. In Romania, biotechnology has received both negative and positive comments. The environment must be preserved, while more and more population must be fed on a world level, Butcher said.

The conservation of the basic resources and the development of intensive sustainable farming with the help of biotechnology represent challenges for which Romania must find solutions in the upcoming period, said State Secretary at the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Valentin Soneriu at the event.

According to official figures, the area used for farming in Romania covers around 13.3 million hectares, accounting for 55.9 percent of 23.8 million hectares of the Romanian territory; some 8.3 million hectares of the 13.3 million is arable land. By way of use, the arable land covers 62.5 percent of the agricultural area. Grain and oil-seed plants account for roughly 80 percent of the arable area.

Some 8 percent of the Romanian arable area is currently used by foreign citizens, who have bought land in accordance with the legal regulations or have leased out land by observing two requirements set in the Civil Code. Thus, the individuals must have their residence in Romania, while the companies or associations must be headquartered in Romania if they wish to own land or work it.

The Diplomat Bucharest publication together with the U.S. Department for Agriculture and Argentina’s Embassy are staging the third edition of the Romanian Agribusiness Forum in the capital.

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