Ponta: PSD MPs will vote knowingly on Rosia Montana project

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday said that there will be no special meeting held with the Social Democratic Party (PSD, at rule) MPs for Rosia Montana and he also added that the Social Democratic deputies and senators will vote knowingly on this project, after they saw it and heard everyone involved.

‘I want to ask my colleagues from the PSD to vote knowingly on this project. Until they saw the bill and heard everyone involved, they cannot possibly know what it is about. This is a very important issue we are talking about, one the one hand because it involves a part of the society rejecting the project and on the other hand because there are still negative consequences that we need to take into account, like the fact, for instance, that the Alba County will be basically swept from the economic map of the country, and other consequences too, which is also why I want all PSD members to vote knowingly on this project and not based on some political criteria’, said Ponta, at the Parliament Palace, after the meeting with the deputies of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR, in opposition).

He also added that he discussed the matter all the time, including last Friday, with the President of the National Liberal Party (PNL, co-ruling), Crin Antonescu, but the Liberals have already taken a political decision they intend to respect .

Ponta also maintained his staying that although he supported the project as Prime Minister, if he were a deputy he would have voted against it.

‘As long as I am Prime Minister I have the duty to inform mass media and the Romanian citizens on all aspects that are related to an important issue for the country and the Rosia Montana is an important project for the country, and also on everything that is related to the environmental conditions, on the fact that we have indeed 24 percent in this project and not 100 percent, the fact that we will receive a 6 percent royalty, on everything that will happen with the Alba County and the jobs there, foreign investments etc.; because right now I am concerned also with how the message related to this project will be received abroad and I also want to present Romania as a country that remains open to foreign investments. I don’t want to be a country that chases everybody away, for the simple reason that we do not have enough resources in Romania to develop on our own’, said the Prime Minister.

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