Romania belongs to select group of countries having most fertile farmland (Argentina’s Ambassador)


Romania, along with Argentina, belong to a select group of countries having the most fertile farmland, worldwide, Argentina’s Ambassador in Bucharest H.E. Claudio Perez Paladino told specialty forum.

‘In this agricultural sector, Romania and Argentina can run a long, successful way. We belong to a select group of the countries whose farmland is one of the most fertile of the world. Romania holds an importantly large fertile cropland, The black earth, the chernozem made it possible, at one moment Romania should be able to feed millions of people throughout the world (…) Romania is important for its extraordinary lands, but also because it earns a great relevance in terms of developing business with Central Asia. It is an important space to satisfy several markets,’ the Argentinian dignitary stressed.

According to Argentina’s Ambassador to Romania, at present, the Argentinian and the Romanian authorities have been working on the finalization of a Memorandum of Understanding on Agriculture whereby the Romanian and the Argentinian farmers should be given the opportunity to cooperate and reciprocally invest in several business.

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