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Romanian Academy’s Haiduc: The Rosia Montana project is unacceptable as it stands


Chairman of the Romanian Academy Ionel Haiduc on Monday said the Academy is sticking to its position on the controversial Rosia Montana gold mining project and generally about gold mining in Mt. Apuseni, namely that the project is unacceptable as it now stands.

‘We are not against capitalising on Romania’s natural resources, but this has to be done smartly, to the interest of the country and by observing sustainable development conditions,’ Haiduc told Agerpres.

In Haiduc’s opinion, accepting gold mining projects in Mt. Apuseni should be conditional upon meeting three prerequisites: mining should be performed in underground galleries and not open pit so as to avoid harming the environment or endangering the archaeological sites.

At the same time, the financial benefits of the Romanian Government should be significantly in favour of the national interest, as 6-per cent royalties are too small.

Thirdly, when mining for gold at Rosia Montana cyanide-devoid technology should be used, since there is information about the existence of such technologies that should be assessed before a final decision is made – the Haber Gold procedure or a procedure drawn up by Romanian researchers in Baia Mare.

The Romanian Academy has kept warning since 2009 about what it calls ‘a mistake with negative effects on the human community, the environment and archaeological vestiges in the area,’ pointing to ‘risky consequences to the Romanian Government.’

‘An objective analysis points to the fact that the project is no work of public interest and, consequently, it does not justify the collateral negative effects or the risks entailed by the project,’ the Romanian Academy said in a statement back then.


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