Bogdan Aurescu: Moldovan winemakers to talk with Romanian retailers

The winemakers from the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian retailers will meet in the near future, in an attempt to increase exports to the Romanian market, after the embargo the Russian Federation imposed, Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) State Secretary for Strategic Affairs Bogdan Aurescu said.

 Aurescu discussed the issue with the Republic of Moldova’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration Valeriu Chiveri.

‘We talked about the exports of wine products from the Republic of Moldova to the Russian market and we voiced the fact that we unreservedly share Chisinau Government’s concern with the suspension of the wine exports. Certainly, we have perplexities regarding the decision which is an unexpected one, given that the wines from the Republic of Moldova passed the EU health tests and they are on sale in many EU countries. We hope things will be fixed soon, through the bilateral mechanisms, which the Moldovan Government will resort to, or the multilateral means of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and undoubtedly the European Union will give support and get involved,’ Bogdan Aurescu told a joint news conference with the Moldovan official.

He also specified that the Free Trade Accord to be sealed at the Eastern Partnership Summit due in Vilnius, stipulates the full liberalization of the wine exports from the Republic of Moldova to the European Union.

‘Till then we opine that the tangible support and the reactions of solidarity with the Republic of Moldova are needed, and this towards a situation that risk to cause serious damage. Romania is analyzing the ways and manners how it can supply Chisinau bilateral support, and not only. As a matter of fact, the Moldovan winemakers and the Romanian retailers will meet soon. It is an effort which obviously implies several levels, namely the Government, the relations between the local authorities, the distribution chains, the buyers, of each of us, after all,’ said Aurescu.

Valeriu Chiveri expressed his high appreciation for the prompt response of the Romanian authorities, in the problem of the cease of the exports of the Moldovan wines to the Russian Federation.

Russia banned the wine imports from the Republic of Moldova, accusing the poor quality of these wines. The measure comes shortly after the Moscow officials said that along with the Republic of Moldova’s approach to the European Union, the Moldovan Russian trade will suffer.

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