IATA: Budapest airport plans 500 million euro investments in next 25 years

The airport in Budapest planned investments amounting to more than 500 million euros in the next 25 years and does not resort to state aid, Jost Lammers, managing director of the Budapest airport, told an event devoted to the civil aviation on Friday.

‘Do not ask me of the state air as I do not know what to tell you!’ Lammers told a debate on the change of the European market context, in which companies of Asian states win markets aggressively, also helped by the involvement of the state in the development of their business.

‘I should encourage you not to be proud of the state aid even if, maybe, you need it,’ said Lammers, who emphasized the fact that airports, for instance, should be careful about the inflows of secondary revenues, such as shopping malls or certain real estate projects.

He added that the airport of Budapest managed to diminish costs by 25 percent in the past 5-6 years without lowering the quality of services.

President of the Polish Authority of Civil Aviation Piotr Olowski said that the data referring to the market of air transports in Eastern Europe were not as encouraging as they were for the remaining part of Europe and that, in the new market context, a careful examination of some subjects was needed, such as the identification of the common interest of the region, the need of a regional strategy, the possible areas of cooperation.

‘In a profit-oriented world, national operators compete with international ones. The aviation industry can arouse feelings of patriotism and national pride, but many patriotic customers choose to travel by other cheaper companies. I am asking the EU: ‘Do we need national operators?” said TAROM managing director Christian Heinzman in his turn.

Managing director of the Polish company LOT Polish Airlines Sebastian Mikosz too said that the rules were not the same for everybody, the European market is opening wide and the most rapid growth is to be seen with the companies of China and the Gulf, companies that get state aid.

‘There are companies of non-liberal states which get state aid and join our market, taking the best customers away,’ added Mikosz.

The Ministry of Transports, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and TAROM on Friday, in Bucharest, organized the Aviation Day Eastern Europe, where more than 150 representatives in the field will examine the questions and means to make aviation grow in this region.

According to the organizers, the event will concentrate on identifying the key areas of potential in Eastern Europe as standardization and innovation will be the crucial components of the growth of aviation.

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