New Concept Travels’ Malineanu: Romania needs a national air carrier

Romania needs a national air carrier that gets increasingly stronger, General Manager of New Concept Travel, an American Express partner in Romania, and also first deputy chairman of the National Employers’ Association of Romania’s Travel Agents (ANAT) Malin Malineanu told on Friday.

‘Romania unconditionally needs a national air carrier for all that means to the Romanian air flight consumer, for all that means to the Romanian aviation industry and for all that means to the profession of national travel agencies. Yes, Romania needs a national air operator and one among the strongest. I am in no way embracing the scepticism displayed by Tarom CEO Heinzmann,’ said Malineanu.

About price developments, he said there is a current tendency of air fares falling down for long distance flights and going up for short distances, where there are less operators.

‘I guess there is a European trend of falling prices for Trans-Atlantic flights and long journeys, which is a drop because of a rise in capacities; efficiency is rising as mores capacious airplane is brought in, while prices are going up for routes in Europe that are captive to some airliners,’ said Malineanu.

Malineanu on Friday attended the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Aviation Day Eastern Europe event in Bucharest organised by Romania’s Transport Ministry, IATA and TAROM where 150 representatives of the air transport industry analysed means of boosting aviation in Eastern Europe.

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