Ponta: I wish in two years we can say Romania no longer needs any agreement

Prime Minister Victor Ponta told the Parliament plenum that he wished that in two years’ time Romania should no longer need any kind of agreement with the international financial institutions.

‘The effects of the decisions adopted last year within the agreement signed by the former Government and concluded by the Government I run: the public employees’ salaries were restored in 2012, through a 15 percent increase, the health contribution retained from pensioners with pensions over 740 lei was refunded within the limit endured by the budget, the minimum salary was enhanced from 700 to 800 lei, the minimum guaranteed income, by 8.4 percent in July 2013, the family support allowance, by 30 percent on the average starting July 1. We managed, through a Government-Parliament joint effort, to come out of the excessive deficit procedure in 2012 and we reduced the deficit calculated based on the ESA European system, we reduced this deficit from 5.7 to 2.9 and we are still going to have a reduction, so Romania should not depend on loans as much as until present,’ the Prime Minister told the Parliament plenum.

The Premier pointed out that this was the third consecutive agreement concluded with the European Commission and the IMF and that within the first agreement Romania used a 20-billion-euro loan from the financial institutions.

‘The policies implemented within the international agreements have led to the significant reduction in the funding costs. Romania’s Government last week issued securities with the lowest interest rate over the past 23 years, 4.76 percent, thus having saved about 175 million euros in cumulated interests. I wish this is the last agreement that Romania concludes with the international financial institutions,’ the Prime Minister underscored.

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