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Victor Ponta: USL majority is working

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said, in the Parliament, that he was reconciled with President of PNL, Crin Antonescu, and that he will take care any other eventual verbal dispute will be kept in private, adding that the majority of the USL demonstrated it was working, given the conduct in the reunited plenum of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

„You were left a little behind of the latest events. We made up. I talked to him, he had to go to Switzerland, had a scheduled visit.
We spoke, you saw it very clearly today in the Parliament, the majority of USL works. As it was working very well until now, and as far I am concerned – I am convinced that Crin will do the same – any dispute or misunderstanding we are going to keep it in private”, said the leader of the PSD regarding the statements of the PNL President, according to which, if PSD does no longer want to support his candidacy for presidential elections, to vote for breaking the protocol.

„Mr. Antonescu said very clearly he wants to be the candidate of USL. PSD is part of USL and, in my view, USL must finally carry out its project until 2016 „, said Victor Ponta.

„We have never violated any accord and there was no problem this time either”, added Ponta.

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