Ponta assures Erdogan of „absolute and unconditional” support for Turkey getting integrated into EU


Premier Victor Ponta on Thursday assured his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Romania’s ‘absolute and unconditional’ support for the process of Turkey’s integration into the EU.

‘Europe needs Turkey as Turkey needs Europe. I really believe that a Europe which would include Turkey is a more powerful Europe, more respected internationally and it goes without saying that European standards make us all advance to democracy, to our economic development,’ Ponta told a press conference he gave together with his counterpart in Ankara.

He reiterated the fact that Romania gave its ‘absolute and unconditional support’ for the process of Turkey’s integration into the EU.

The Turkish Premier said too that Romania supported his country ‘powerfully and unconditionally’ in the process of joining the EU.

Erdogan also insisted on saying that this year they celebrated the 135th anniversary of the relations between the two countries.

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