Liviu Dragnea: Funding from Switzerland could help Bucharest become an European capital

Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, Liviu Dragnea, on Tuesday appreciated that the funds from Switzerland to be used for the finalization of the construction works at the metro line 4 could help Bucharest to become a true European capital, with the signing of the agreement representing ‘another objective’ achieved in trying to make from the Romanian capital a respected city.

‘This moment today represents in fact the signing of the first financing agreement within the Swiss-Romanian programme of cooperation for the reduction of social and economic disparities. Following this agreement signed back in 2010 by the Romanian government and the Swiss Federal Council, worth 181 million Swiss francs, the Ministry for Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRT) will manage around 52.5 Swiss francs corresponding to the thematic area 4 of the programme that refers to the improvement of the surrounding environment. Today we are focusing on the second objective of the thematic area, a component that implies the use of a total of 15 million Swiss francs, out of which a 8.5 million Swiss francs grant for which we are signing today will be used for feasibility studies for the construction of the metro line 4’, said Dragnea, before the signing of the agreement.

He also showed that Metrorex will bring its own contribution to this project to be worth more than 3 million Swiss francs.

Attending the ceremony occasioned by the signing of the agreement was also the Swiss Ambassador to Romania, Jean Hubert Lebet, who wanted to thank the Romania side for cooperation and said that this form of investment will help Romania have a much more efficient public transport system too.

‘Switzerland’s cooperation with Romania is very efficient and we had no problems so far […] I’m in the lucky position right now to be able to confirm that we have found in Romania a serious partner, trustworthy. This form of investment will help Romania improve the efficiency of its public transport system […] We have been able in Swiss to interconnect the different types of public transport, buses, trains, aerial tramways, so that the people to want to use the public transport system’, said the Ambassador.

Switzerland grants 8.5 million francs for the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for the construction of the metro line 4 Straulesti Lake – Progresul Station, North Station – Progresul Station sector, having SC Metrorex SA as beneficiary.

Finance Minister Daniel Chitoiu, Development Minister Liviu Dragnea, Switzerland Ambassador to Romania Jean Hubert Lebet, as well as Transports Minister Ramona Manescu and Metrorex Managing Director Aurel Radu signed the Agreement on Tuesday.

The project has a total value of 12.4 million Swiss francs and benefits from a Swiss grant of 8.5 million Swiss francs, with an implementing period of 30 months since the date of the document signing.

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