Ponta: Gov’t understands battle for energy independence is top-essential

The Government understands that the battle for energy independence and energy infrastructure is top essential in the coming years, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Thursday.

„Europe and the Black Sea regions must adjust and change at the same time, realizing that the battle for energy security, for sustainable energy (…) is indeed an essential battle. Romania is determined, and we and the Government I am heading will be among the first governments and countries to understand this fundamental change, to understand that the battle for energy independence and energy infrastructure, in particular, is one of the most important in the years to come,” the Prime Minister told the Bucharest Forum 2013.

The event, having as theme: ‘Anchoring the New Silk Road, Linking Three Seas: Caspian, Black Sea and the Adriatic’, is organized by the Aspen Institute and the Government of Romania.

In this context, the Prime Minister spoke about the „energy revolution” that has rekindled the industry of the United States following the discovery of shale gas and oil.

Referring to the Nabucco project, the Prime Minister said that a strong nation like Romania sees in the failure of a project the opportunity to develop others.

„Romania has the capacity to effectively take over as an essential area regarding a region’s energy production and infrastructure,” said the head of the government, stressing that it is Romania’s vision to develop existing opportunities.(Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)

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