PM Ponta: We have no secret money reservoir for budget revision of October

The budget revision the Government will perform in October will mean that money will be taken from the sectors where it is not absolutely necessary and directed to stringent matters, as there is no Government’s ‘secret money reservoir,” Prime Minister Victor Ponta told a press conference in Bistrita.

‘We shall have a revision in October. The revision means we shall take money from some and give to others. (…) Certainly, all the salaries, all the pensions, the essential things are covered and we shall pay them without any kind of problem. But, within the revision, we take from one sector and give to another. Someone loses for someone else to gain,’ Ponta said.

The Prime Minister underscored there was no extra money, as the fees and taxes had not increased, but even decreased, for which reason the most important thing was how the financial resources were employed.

He showed that the additional resources could come mostly from the accession of European funds and less from economic or fees and taxes growth. The Premier also added that ‘the European funds are better, as, in principle, it is much more difficult using them for personal purposes.’

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