Traian Basescu: Rosia Montana project, in intelligence services’ attention

Rosia Montana Project has not come out of the attention of the intelligence services, as there are about 480 notifications from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) – ‘undiluted information,’ President Traian Basescu said.

 According to him, during his mandate, none of these notifications has been transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The head of state pointed out in a talk-show on Pro TV private television station that businessman George Soros was not behind the protests in University Square of Bucharest against the mining exploitation project at Rosia Montana. He added that he did not find any hostile forces behind the protests in University Square.

‘I am a person reading these pieces of information and I could not say that I have found clearly hostile forces. I have also seen the accusation, I would label it roughly as mendacious, Soros behind the NGOs. It is not true. Soros abandoned his interest in Rosia Montana a long time ago. What I can certainly say is that, at present, Soros is not sending the NGOs to the streets. From the information I have, Rosia Montana is a topic in the attention of the security structures precisely because of the risk level,’ the head of state maintained.

When asked if he knew any politician who could have taken money in this case, Traian Basescu denied it.

‘I have no such information and please remember that Victor Ponta made such a statement about me, when he was in the Opposition and he dramatically opposed the project. I consequently asked Victor Ponta how much money he received since he started endorsing Rosia Montana project. The truth is that one cannot support it if one does not know the project. (…) I shall not be getting involved in supporting or opposing the project, but I shall convey the correct information,’ President Basescu underscored.

He added that his attitude in regards with this project had changed when he saw that society ‘divided in two.’

When asked who should make the decision in the case of the project at Rosia Montana, President Basescu said that this decision belonged to the Government.

‘Here is one of the biggest mistakes the Government made, trying to transfer Parliament the Executive’s responsibility,’ Traian Basescu said.

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