Nine people criminally prosecuted for delinquencies of influencing decisions on Realitatea Media insolvency

DNA prosecutors started criminal investigation of nine people, because of delinquencies related to the insolvency procedure, who acted directly or via individuals or legal persons interposed, to influence decisions referring to SC Realitatea Media SA and taking control over it.

According to a press release remitted by DNA on Monday, thus far during investigations, it was decided to criminally prosecute Fabian Schwartzenberg, Daniela Ionescu , Monica Hoffman, Adrian Radu, Adrian Marian Vilsan, Tamara Batrinache, Ioana Nadolu, Geraldina Neagoe, Carmen Stancescu, referring to their involvement in acts which fall under the offense of money laundering, complicity to fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy , abuse of office against the interests of people, under the form of connivance, improper participation or attempted improper participation, fake documents under private signature.

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From the resolution of starting prosecution it also results basic data, according to which, in 2011 and 2012, the accused – apparently majority or minority shareholders – have run delinquent actions in order to influence decisions in the framework of the insolvency proceedings, directly or through interposed natural or legal persons , in the aim to influence decisions referring to SC Realitatea Media SA and taking control over it.

‘ The pursued goal of each of the accused in this case was to secure control upon decisions taken during insolvency procedures, so as to introduce an amount as high as possible in the table of claims, leading to a change of the composition of the committee of creditors of the society in insolvency and of the number of members’ , prosecutors argue .

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Criminal investigations are also launched against some other people related to similar deeds, as well as other ones.

The National Anti-corruption Department prosecutors conducted on Monday searches at 35 residencies in the city of Bucharest, targeting people close to businessman Elan Schwartzenberg .

According to the evidence thus far of the criminal prosecution, the amount subject to money laundering operations is of over one million euros.

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