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Costoiu: Romania is going to launch projects worth 500 m euros in the research field

Minister Delegate for Scientific Research and Technological Development, Mihnea Costoiu, on Thursday announced in Brussels that Romania is going to launch projects worth 500 million euros in the research field.

According to a statement he remitted , Mihnea Costoiu represented Romania in Brussels at the Competitiveness Council meeting, where he participated in the Research and Space section. He mentioned the existence of more than 100 projects with a cumulated value of 500 million euros, co-financed through public-private partnerships, which were already evaluated and ready to be submitted to the Commission beginning with January 2014.

Mihnea Costoiu hailed the adoption at European level of new regulations regarding the public-private partnership.

‘These regulations are part of the policy we imposed this year at governmental level to stimulate companies in the private sector to take part in research projects’, specified Costoiu.

The Minister Delegate also mentioned how important it is for Romania the chance of attracting European funds.

‘Romania has now the chance to access enough funds, much more than before, especially since we are one of the countries representing a good example in this respect. No further than today Romania was named again as an example of good practice, with the projects that we already prepared to be submitted to the Commission starting on January 2014’, said Costoiu.

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