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Crin Antonescu: Timisoara Revolution martyrs died for freedom, truth, justice and democracy

Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu conveyed a tribute message to the December 1989 Timisoara city fighters for freedom.

„People of all ages, especially young, shed their blood for today’s Romanians to live in a democratic society, in a state of law,” reads the Senate Speaker’s message cited in a release.

„These days, when we celebrate 24 years since the 1989 Revolution, our thoughts, of all Romanians, go out to all those people who, ignoring the dangers and defying death, had the courage to take to the streets for freedom, for democracy, for a better future. The people of Timisoara were the first to say ‘No!’ to poverty, cold, fear and the daily lacklustre existence. The violent repression of December 17 protests, the emergence of the first martyr heroes cut down by bullets did not deter the citizens of Timisoara. Their determination, their thirst for freedom made this the first free city in Romania. It was the spark that set ablaze the nationwide revolt which swayed away in just a few days the most diabolic repression apparatus in former communist countries,” reads the Senate Speaker’s message.

Antonescu emphasizes that liberty has come for a high price.

„People of all ages, especially young, have paid with their blood for Romanians to live today in a democratic society, in a state of law. The Timisoara martyrs have fallen for freedom, truth, justice and democracy. Placing these ideals above their lives, they are the heroes who caused the change in our country’s destiny and the rebirth of the Romanian nation. Their sacrifice must never be forgotten. We have a responsibility towards those who perished in the terrible days of December 1989, to take further the ideals they sacrificed themselves for. For this reason, apart from the pious significance, the homage we are paying them today also implies a duty. The freedom gained by the ultimate sacrifice compels us to defend the values that define us as humans, as a nation, as a country that belongs to the democratic world,” Crin Antonescu stresses in his message.

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