Salaj County, national leader in production of cultivated mushrooms

About one third of the national production of cultivated mushrooms comes from Salaj County (north-western Romania), according to the estimates made by experts in the field. In this county there is also the biggest mushroom producer in Romania.

According to the data of the Agricultural Directorate in Salaj County, they produce here about 7,000 tonnes of mushrooms a year, whereas the national annual production is estimated at about 20,000 tonnes by the representatives of the National Association of Mushroom Producers in Romania (ANPCR).

The cultivated species are: Agaricus bisporus (champignon) and Pleurotus ostreatus (the oyster mushroom).

‘Nationwide I estimate the production at about 20,000 tonnes at least, annually, and I think that my estimates are relatively correct, considering the quantity of compost that is brought to Romania,’ Eugen Bajenaru, ANPCR president, told Agerpres.

According to the ANPCR president, the Boglar Champ Company is the largest national producer of such mushrooms, with an annual production of about 5,000 tonnes.

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