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GIS technology to keep record of wooded properties and hunting areas

A forestry information system would be implemented with Swiss support as a pilot-approach in three counties, but also throughout the country for hunting areas, announced on Thursday in Oradea (northwestern Romania) the minister-delegate for Water, Forests and Fisheries Lucia Ana Varga.

„The project is aimed at providing the necessary data for strategic decisions regarding the sustainable management of forest ecosystems and will be implemented in Suceava (north-east), Calarasi (south) and Bihor (west),” Lucia Varga told a press conference.

Under the project, the Geographic Information System will identify wooded properties, which very often do not have a clear delineation, giving rise to difficulties in the enforcement of the forestry regime; the on-site situation will be compared with forest management arrangements and massive illegal wood cutting will be identified in order to have a forest map outlined. The protected forest areas and the hunting areas will also be delimited.

„Issues with the delimitation of the grounds lead to numerous interpretations and litigations in court. We will have a clear picture of the situation in the three counties, and as far as the hunting areas are concerned, the project will encompass the entire country,” said Lucia Varga.

The total value of the project is 23.8 million lei (6.5 million Swiss francs) in funds allocated under the Swiss — Romanian Cooperation Program, with 84.6% Swiss co-financing (5.5 million Swiss francs).

The Minister-delegate for Water, Forests and Fisheries said that she wants to sort out matters in the hunting areas, which are subject to a recently completed hunting bill that will be soon put up for public debate.

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