Johannes Hahn: Romania did not lose one euro of structural funds in 2013

The European Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn congratulated the Romanian Minister of European Funds Eugen Teodorovici for Romania’s last year’s performances in absorbing structural funds, underlining that the country did not lose a single euro by the end of 2013 through decommissions of EU funds.

‘I must praise Romania and especially [its European Funds Minister Eugen Teodorovici for the achievements up to the end of last year. There were many efforts and I can confirm that in 2013 Romania did not lose even one euro of structural funds. Of course, we have extended n+3 [financing rules for the extension of the period of annual allocation of EU funds] and the requirement of spending all the money by the end of the financial term still stands. But I think that it is important to underline that by the end of 2013, not one euro was lost,’ said the European official during a joint press briefing with the Romanian minister.

Johannes Hahn mentioned that he also discussed with Eugen Teodorovici Romania’s preparation work within the Partnership Agreement for the next schedule term, and the country stands around the average of member states from this point of view.

‘So far we have received from the 28 member states three official drafts and I was informed that Romania will submit its official draft in the first half of February, which means it is more or less lined up with most of the member states; this is also true for the operational programs, and I think we are on the proper path with respect to the new schedule period,’ the European Commissioner said.

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