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Constitution revision draft, unanimously adopted by committee in charge

The revised text of the fundamental law will be sent to the Constitutional Court, the Government and the Venice Commission, the letter of advice of which is consultative, Constitution revision committee chairman Crin Antonescu said on Tuesday evening.

‘This text will be sent to the Government, on the one hand, because, diplomatically, the relation of the Venice Commission is with the governments, and the Government will officially send it to the Venice Commission… We shall send the text to the Constitutional Court, we expect an answer from the Constitutional Court, because here we are in a compulsory procedure. Afterwards, it will be submitted to debate in the Senate and in the Chamber. Going through CCR is compulsory, because we are in the Romanian legislative circuit. The Venice Commission has a consultative letter of advice to give and it is, so to say, a convention, not an obligation,’ Antonescu said at the end of the meeting of the committee in charge with the Constitution revision.

The Constitution revision committee on Tuesday unanimously adopted the fundamental law revision draft.

The members of the committee assessed the observations of the Legislative Council and those of the Venice Commission and adopted several amendments.

The committee decided that the Ombudsman can no longer be revoked from office and the telephone interceptions can be ordered by the judge of the court with the capability to judge the fund of the cause only during the criminal trial. Moreover, the committee established that Parliament can be dissolved by the president in case the Legislature does not grant the confidence vote for the investiture of three governments in a row and that the head of state is not compelled to consult Parliament to ask the people to voice their will through referendum.

Furthermore, the article stating that the country’s president chairs the CSM meetings was removed, Crin Antonescu also said.

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