Basescu: Critical moments such as Ukraine crisis are key-moments proving NATO relevance

Such critical moments as the one represented by the Ukraine crisis are key-moments when NATO proves its relevance, President Traian Basescu on Monday stated, at the ceremony celebrating ten years since Romania joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, held at the Cotroceni Palace.

The recent events in Ukraine, during which the independence and the territorial integrity of a sovereign state were violated by the Russian Federation, using military strength, prove how pertinent the previous analyses were in fact and the need at the same time to include the Black Sea region to the forefront of the Alliance’s political and military agenda.

‘It is not acceptable, in the 21st century, that the army is used as an instrument to achieve political goals at the expense of other countries or that the specter of war returned as a threat to the citizens and the territories in the Euro-Atlantic region and particularly in the eastern area of the European Union and NATO,” said Basescu.

‘It is true that even the Romanian army was included in these joint military operations and that, implicitly, the Romanian people also paid its tribute of blood, as it happened just a few days ago,’ the President said, while paying his homage to the soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefield and sending a message of condolences to their families.

President Basescu said that Romania has participated in NATO missions in the Balkans, Afghanistan, as well as in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Also, the head of state specified that the Romanian troops are currently participating in operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo and they also conduct activities in the Mediterranean Sea.

As concerns the national contributions to projects such as missile defense and the development of capacities in cyber security and in energy security, they are widely appreciated within the Alliance, he said.

Traian Basescu also talked about the development of the European component of the U.S. missile defense and anti-missile facilities at Deveselu, which will allow the protection of the entire allied territory in Europe against ballistic missile threats .

„I have constantly pleaded for the focusing towards the eastern neighborhood of NATO, which represents a source of tension and conflict. Moreover, Romania has established itself as one of the main promoters of the open doors policy of NATO, which brings a new strategic dimensions in the comprehensive approach to security,” said Basescu.

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