Antonescu after PNL-PDL meeting: We’ve decided to build together a solid political project

The National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) have decided to build together a solid, lasting political project, the PNL outgoing leader Crin Antonescu announced on Wednesday, at the end of a meeting with the Liberal Democrats’ leadership.

„Following these first talks of our parties’ delegations, we essentially decided to collaborate, to build together a solid, lasting political project for Romania; a project involving a great right-wing party in a close future”, Antonescu said at the Parliament Palace.

He specified this project is destined to a future joint governing.

„A construction for the presidential elections, for the local administration and for the parliamentary elections, for a future governing together. There are fundamental principles and values uniting us. There are programme elements, there is complementarity, and a political will we’ve expressed and confirmed; we verified it together today”, Antonescu explained.

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  1. Ben Jager spune

    Stupid move. They create a political instabil country.
    They should think about the interest of the Romanian people and forgot that powerplay of political parties

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