Romania must have security laws to protect its citizens, not limit their rights

Romania must have security laws to protect its citizens, but, at the same time, which should not limit their rights, says President of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications /ANCOM/, Catalin Marinescu, in an interview.

The official commented on two normative acts that refer, on the one hand, to the sale of pre-paid phone cards based on an identification card, and, on the other hand, to the data storing for six months by telecom operators.

„It is important to have a legal framework, to have wide transparency in the implementation of the legal framework, that there should be no abuse. The law [on the sale of pre-paid phone cards based on an identification card as well as data storing for six months by telecom operators] must be done very carefully, so as not to limit civic rights, but, on the other hand, to create some powerful tools for ensuring Romanian citizens’ safety,” said Marinescu.

Marinescu also spoke about the round of auctions in 2015 for digital terrestrial television multiplexes, but also on the drawing up a map of electronic communications networks in Romania, the checking by ANCOM of the contracts that electronic service providers sign with users, respectively.

According to Marinescu, Romania’s telecom market is stable, as it has matured in certain segments. „For example, landline telephony, in recent years, then mobile one, for a year or two. This means that the number of users is no longer going up, since the mobile penetration is over 100%, so it will not increase considerably.

On the other hand, the amount of services used, the number of minutes spoken, and the number of text messages are going up. There is a growing market on this segment and it shows, in fact, the Romanian market’s potential. A market that is still far away from reaching maturity is the Internet service market, both landline and mobile one.

„Here, there are significant increases, of over two million new high-speed active mobile internet connections within a year. For 2015, I expect things to happen only in terms of offers. The tendency this year will be more consumption. On the Internet market, increasingly more users will use the Internet, at least on their mobile phones,” the official concluded.

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