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Danish chef Rasmus Kofoed, only gold, silver & bronze winner at Bocuse d’Or gastronomy contest


Danish chef Rasmus Kofoed won in 2005 the bronze in the Bocuse d’Or cooking competition – considered the „World Cup” of haute cuisine masters; he was back in 2007 to claim the silver and four years later, in 2011, he walked away with the gold statuette, thus becoming the only competitor to boast in his record all three trophies of this prestigious event.

Rasmus Kofoed (born in 1974) is currently the chef patron of the Geranium two-star Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen. For his participation in the famous competition founded by French cuisine pioneer Paul Bocuse, Kofoed drew his inspiration from another Danish chef, Jens Peter Kolbeck, who won the Bocuse d’Or silver statuette in 1993.

„The most important to me was not the moment I stepped on the podium with the gold trophy, but the whole process whereby I developed as a person and furthered my skills as a chef. It was like a gastronomy class that compelled me to work for long and highly focused, which made me include the creative component, create various concepts for my preparations that had to edible as well,” Rasmus Kofoed said in an interview with the dedicated online publication The Staff Canteen.

In the presentation clip of Denmark’s Bocuse d’Or 2011 team, Rasmus Kofoed confesses that he returned to the contest also driven by his competitive spirit. „I have always been a fan of competitive sports. Bocuse d’Or is a unique championship … just like a big sporting event. The vibrant intensity, being judged by a jury who appreciates gourmet cooking … that is an awesome feeling,” declared in 2011 the one who was to become that year the first culinary artist to land all three Bocuse d’Or trophies.

Bocuse d’Or is arguably the world’s most prestigious cooking competition. Created in 1987 by celebrity chef Paul Bocuse, the competition’s finale held every two years in Lyon brings together 24 national teams who vie for the trophy. The dishes created in the two days of the Bocuse d’Or tournament to the cheers of the supporters are surprising even for the finest gastronomy connoisseurs. This year again, in 5 hours and 35 minutes, each of the teams that qualified for this competition will have to perfect a chicken and a fish platter. A jury made up of some of the world’s best chefs will pick the ones who will make it to the podium.

This year, the Bocuse d’Or competition takes place on January 27 — 28 in Lyon, as part of the Sirha — the worldwide food service and hospitality exhibition. (Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)


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