Former Minister Cristian David, held in custody

Magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice filed a request to the DNA [National Anti-Corruption] Department to have the former Minister of Interior Cristian David, charged with taking bribery, remanded in custody for 30 days.

The decision is not binding.

According to the DNA, Cristian David allegedly claimed in 2007 and received on February 1, the amount of 500,000 euros, from an informant, to exercise his influence as prefect coordinator in such a manner so as to ensure the issuing by the Buzau County Committee of the title deed over a 15-ha plot of land in the Buzau Municipality’s built-up area.

Businessman Gheorghe Doloiu, Chairman of the Buzau-based Legume Fructe SA company Board of Directors, is also prosecuted in this case.

Doloiu is charged with complicity to bribe-taking, as the connection between Cristian David and Adrian Mladin, the one who gave the bribery to the former Minister, and the former Buzau Prefect, Cristinel Bigiu. (Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)

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