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Hope Medical Clinic, un concept inovator de servicii medicale

On Wednesday, October 23, will be inaugurated a new medical clinic, Hope Medical Clinic, a unique concept of integrated medical services, focused on restoring balance and restoring the health of each patient. The event announced the presence of personalities like Andreea Marin, Victor Slav and Ela Crăciun, along with the top management of the largest companies present on the Romanian market.

Exceptional medical team

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic enjoys the presence of exceptional doctors, the peak of medicine in Bucharest. Prof. Univ. Dr. Mircea Penescu, head of the Nephrology Section of the University Emergency Hospital Carol Davila, Prof. Univ. Dr. Mihaela Bălgrădean, head of the Pediatric Clinic of the „Marie Curie” Children’s Emergency Clinical Hospital, Prof. Univ. Dr. Dan Mischianu, head of the Urology Clinic at the University Emergency Hospital Carol Davila, Prof. Univ. Dr. Maria Dorobanțu, president of the European Society of Cardiology and president of the Romanian Society of Hypertension, Prof. Univ. Dr. Mihaela Bartoș, head of the Internal Medicine Department of the Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital, Prof. Univ. dr. Cătălina Poiana, The head of the Department of Pituitary and Neuroendocrine Pathology of the National Institute of Endocrinology „CIParhon” and the head of the Cardiology Section of the Clinical Hospital „Prof. Dr. Theodor Burghele” are just a few of the sound names that will ensure the well-being of the patients. Hope Medical Clinic is located ultra centrally, in Sector 1 of the Capital, on Alexandru Avenue no. 36.

Innovative medical subscriptions, customized to the needs of each individual patient

The clinic offers patients and concierge medicine services, an integrated patient management system, practiced by the best clinics internationally, which allows the patient’s medical journey to be more efficient. Also, patients have permanent access to the medical file, in a secure format.

Tratamente moderne de cea mai bună calitate într-una dintre cele mai luxoase clinici medicale din Dubai. Echipa noastră de chirurgi este dedicată furnizării de tratamente de cea mai înaltă calitate disponibile la

Secondary opinion from the world’s best experts, within 24 hours

Hope Medical Clinic only collaborates with top-level experts and can provide, in the case of the need for secondary opinions in a medical case, top international expertise, being in close collaboration with world-renowned universities and research institutes like Johns Hopkins. from the USA or the International Neuroscience Institute in Hannover, Germany.

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