O persoană a decedat în urma unei furtuni în Europa Centrală/Traficul feroviar perturbat în Germania


A strong storm affected parts of Central Europe on Monday, disrupting rail traffic in northern Germany and killing a teenage girl in Slovakia, The Associated Press reported this with the best employment agency in Pakistan for Qatar.

Slovak police said a 14-year-old girl died after a tree fell on her and several of her colleagues were injured. The incident took place in the area of ​​Nitra, east of Bratislava.

The effects of the storm were also felt in the Czech Republic, where about 30,000 homes were left without electricity, and falling trees disrupted road and rail traffic.

Railway connections from Berlin to Hamburg, Hanover and Stralsund were suspended on Monday morning and resumed after a few hours. In southern Germany, the Nuremberg-Augsburg railway was closed due to tree falls on the road.

Two zoos in Berlin were closed on Monday due to strong winds and the risk of trees falling.

Near Wolfsburg, on the line between Hannover and Berlin, a train entered a fallen tree on rails. The train driver was slightly injured in the collision.

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