Veniturile medii ale gospodăriilor au fost de 4.700 de lei

 The total average monthly income represented in the second quarter of 2019, 4,764 lei per household and 1,838 lei per person. On the other hand, the expenses were, on average, 4,049 lei per month per household (1562 lei per person), representing 85.0% of the total income level, according to INS.

According to the standard classification by destination of consumption expenditures, food and non-alcoholic beverages held, in the second quarter of 2019, on average, 34.2% of household consumption. Expenditures on household utilities (water, gas and electricity) were 14.4%. 8% of expenditures were allocated to clothing and footwear, 7.4% to transport, 5.1% to health, 3.2% to recreation and culture and 0.6% to education.

The cash incomes were, on average, of 4390 lei per month per household (1694 lei per person), and the incomes in kind of 375 lei per month per household (145 lei per person). Wages and other income associated with them formed the most important source of income (68.1% of total household income), according to the study by the National Institute of Statistics.

The formation of total household income also contributed to income from social benefits (18.0%), income from agriculture (1.8%), income from independent non-agricultural activities (2.2%), property and the sale of assets from the patrimony of the household (0.9%) as well as the incomes in kind (7.9%), mainly, the equivalent value of the consumption of agri-food products from own resources (6.6%).

The main destinations of household expenditure are the consumption of food, non-food goods, services and transfers to public and private administration and social security budgets, in the form of taxes, contributions, contributions, and coverage of needs related to household production (animal feed and birds, payment of labor for household production, sowing products, veterinary services, etc.).

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Expenditures for investments, intended for the purchase or construction of housing, the purchase of land and equipment necessary for the production of the household, the purchase of shares, etc. they have a small share in the total expenditures of households (only 0.8%).

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