13 deaths in Constanta County in last days of excessive heat

Thirteen people died in the past 10 days of excessive heat of the 61 people who went to the County Clinical Emergency Hospital (SCJU) in Constanta (south-east of Bucharest), running fevers of about 40 degrees.

The spokesman for the above-mentioned hospital, Dr Florian Stoian, said on Wednesday that some of the patients in question came to the emergency reception unit after being in the sun at inappropriate times and others were sick at home or at their jobs.

According to the SCJU representative, four people died because of the excessive heat and the other patients’ health worsened against the background of various diseases they suffered from. Two of the patients that died because of the excessive heat were brought by ambulance to the hospital from their jobs, namely the kitchen of a restaurant in Mamaia and a working point of a company making repairs on motorway A2.

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