25 percent cuts in salaries with national companies too, Eximbank and CEC Bank included

The 25 percent cut in salaries will also be applied to the employees working with national companies, where the state is majority shareholder or which it fully owns, CEC Bank and Eximbank included, said Premier Emil Boc on Wednesday, at the beginning of the Government meeting.

„In the law we are going to prepare, the salaries of these employees too will be cut by 25 percent, using the means we shall decide on, as we cannot confine ourselves to budget employees only because they too, in one form or another, benefit by the support of the state, are employees of the state too,” said the Head of Government.
The Premier also asked the ministers for the additional 20 percent cut in the expenses for goods and services and for a halt to auctions in the subordinated national companies, namely all auctions for machines, locations or other products, which can be postponed „till better times.”

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