Authorities updating plans for evacuation of Braila Big Island locals

The authorities of the eastern Braila county on Sunday are checking and on-site updating a plan for the evacuation of the locals of Braila Big Is land, on the Danube River, as they seek to exactly know how many people live in the Island’s two communities and thus be able to remove them in the event that the river burst the dike.

‘We want to exactly know the number of the people that should be evacuated, the real number not the one in the statistic figures’, said Major Stefan Stoian, a spokesman for the Braila-based Emergency Situations Inspectorate. The latest census taken in Braila Big Island in 2002 showed that more than 5,000 people live there.

The local authorities on Saturday completed the removal of 100 tonnes of pesticides stored in Braila Big Island; the chemical substances were taken to storage facilities in the Danube port of Braila. The Danube reached an all time high at Braila on Saturday at 699 centimetres, also recorded in 2006, with the river flowing at 14,770 cubic metres per sec.; forecasts point to a rise in the river waters up to 710-712 centimetres by July 6.

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