BNR governor presents Quarterly Report on Inflation

Governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu presents on Thursday the Quarterly Report on Inflation. The Central Bank Board reviewed and approved the document on Tuesday, May 4.

„The analysis of the evolution of macroeconomic indicators highlights the continued disinflation process and the carrying on of the upward annual dynamics of exports, as well as the current account deficit having stayed at sustainable levels. At the same time, one notes the persisting aggregate demand deficit and the further decrease in annual terms of lending to the private sector.

The annual inflation rate dropped to the 4.2 percent in March from 4.47 percent in February, reverting to the target-centered variation interval, mainly under the effect of the favorable evolution of food prices, on the background of the relatively low volatility of the local currency, the leu. The adjusted CORE 2 annual inflation rate kept its downward trend, staying further below two percent,” states a release of the BNR Board.

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