Book market: editions by 40 pct lower, but more titles

As many as 4,551 books were published in Romania, last year, but the editions numbered 3,427,000 copies, the Financiarul daily informs citing data supplied by the National Library’s Legal Stocks.

As many as 1,291 titles of the published books were literature and linguistics ones, and the editions numbered 1,510,000 copies, almost half of the total. Thus, the average edition of a literature/linguistics book amounted to 1,169 copies, in 2009.
Religion books top the circulations with 227 titles and 581,000 copies. Likewise, the average edition of a religion book numbered 2,559 copies, more than twice higher than that of the literature books. As many as 297 medicine books were issued, in 193,000 copies, at an average figure of 649 copies, in 2009.

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