Building materials market down 30 pct in Q1

The building materials market fell 30 percent in the first quarter of 2010, compared with the same interval in 2009, according to a release of the local producer of building materials Baumix.

The drop in sales of building materials was mainly triggered by the lack of new projects in 2009, which would have generated revenues in early 2010 too, the same as the first quarter of 2009 benefited of projects started in 2008, so that it was less affected by the crisis on the market. Nevertheless, the domestic producer Baumix has announced sales in early April saw a 20 percent growth compared with the March figure.

After a difficult start in the new year, marked also by a hesitation of customers to invest in constructions or rebuilding works, the company stated that the upward trend is likely to maintain in the next months too. „Right now, the market returned to the level it had back in 2007, figures in April 2010 being even higher than figures in April 2007, so that we are confident the positive trend will maintain.

From our viewpoint, we have managed to grow month by month in terms of volume of sales, as we planned, in order to maintain 2010 at levels as close as possible to the ones last year,” explained Razvan Bobe, manager of Baumix, Baumix currently has six production lines in Ploiesti (south) and a production capacity of 35,000 tonnes on a annual basis.

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