BVB closes up on Thursday

Quotations of  the shares listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange  (BVB)  went up by an average  4.69 percent, development  measured by the  BET -C composite index, while the stock of the Financial Investment Companies (SIFs) increased by 6.4 percent (the BET-FI index).
Shares issued by 54 companies were traded on the BVB – Regular market, where 41 scored higher quotations, 3 stagnated and 10 went down. BVB transactions totaled 5. 628 million euros, namely 23.749 million lei, while the RASDAQ ones amounted to 207,725 euros.
The  BET index showing the  evolution of  the  10 most  liquid listed stock on the  stock exchange grew by 5.78 percent, while the ROTX went up by 6.12 percent.
The BET -XT extended blue chip index increased by 5.98 percent, while the BET-NG index of the energy and utilities companies having climbed up by 3.02 percent. The most liquid shares traded belonged to BRD (Romanian Development Bank)  trades worth 7.176 million lei, Petrom – 3.235 million lei, Banca Transilvania – 2.59 million lei, SIF Oltenia – 1.639 million lei and SIF 2 Moldova – 1.151 million lei. (1 euro sells for 4).
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