Danube risks flooding road to Giurgiu checkpoint

As many as 50 workers from the County Emergency Situations Inspectorate based in the southern Giurgiu county, along with 50 gendarmes and 50 civilians on Thursday are working to raise a dike in Malu Rosu area nearby the checkpoint between Giurgiu and Ruse, Bulgaria, after the Danube waters have reached the dike level and could overflow.

Spokesman for the Giurgiu Volunteers’ Service Lazar Ciobanu told the waters are not putting anything in danger for the moment, but the river could advance to the checkpoint and even flood the road leading to it if measures are not taken to further raise and consolidate the dike. The Danube levels reached 687 centimetres at Giurgiu on Thursday, by 47 centimetres above the flood levels, as the river waters are expected to keep on rising in the next three days.

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