Danube threatening to eat away at cities

The levels of the Danube are currently stationary at 727 cm in the eastern city of Giurgiu, 87 cm past the flood level, while its flow has reached 14,100 cubic metres/second, after nearly two weeks of continual rise in the Giurgiu Port.

As many as 4,170 hectares of forestland are still under water in the bank areas and 115 hectares of farmland in the Gostinu-Greaca basin, 50 hectares of which are pastures, 20 hectares of fodder crops, 20 hectares of cereals, 10 hectares of sunflower, 10 hectares of wheat and rape and 5 hectares of maize.
Local authorities tare prepared to evacuee the people of Giurgiu living in the areas prone to flooding, if the dam at Cotul Pisicii has to be detonated, even as the construction of the protection dam has reached an advanced stage, Interior Minister Vasile Blaga said.

He added that the authorities are employing 1,400 firemen, 1,100 gendarmes and 300 soldiers to handle the situations, given that the Danube’s levels have already exceeded their historic highs of 2006, the most recent reference year for flooding in Romania.

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