Danube waters pass flood levels by tens of centimetres

The Danube River waters on Monday passed the flood levels by 63 centimetres at the hydrometric station of Calarasi (118 km south-east of Bucharest), reaching a streamflow of 14,430 cubic metres per second.

At the hydrometric station of Oltenita (60 km south of the capital) on the Danube, the 630-cm flood level has been passed by 90 cm, with the river flowing at 14,020 cubic metres per sec. The Danube has flooded 11,000 hectares of riverside forests in Calarasi county as well as 1,417 hectares of graze-land and 1,820 hectares of arable land.

At Braila (213 km north-east of Bucharest), the Danube passed the 2006-all time high by 10 centimetres up to 709 cm and and its streamflow has reached 15,040 cubic metres per sec., while forecasts point to a rise in the river waters up to 733 cm on July 9-10.
The river advances into the port city of Braila every day, flooding many of the buildings located on the waterfront, the free trade area, the port, the docks, several streets leading to the Danube, the benches and the pedestrian area on the waterfront and the restaurants on the river bank.

A dike made up of three rows of 5,000 sandbags has been raised in Braila stretching over one kilometre on the Danube waterfront. The most sensitive problem is posed by the swelling Danube waters in the Great Braila Island, where the local Urgent Situations Committee has drawn up a plan for the evacuation of the 6,000 locals in no more than 36 hours, should the Danube burst the dike or overflow the dam.

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