Emil Boc: People will not be left unaided

Premier Emil Boc on Sunday assured the people living in the village of Ceatalchioi (south-eastern Romania), which was flooded by the Danube, that they would get aid from the Government.

„My message to the people here: I know it is difficult for them to be through such difficult moments. The state is by their side and we are going to support them with building materials and with everything the state is able to give at present,” said Emil Boc, who visited the village of Ceatalchioi on Sunday.

The Head of Government made it clear that he had already talked with the local authorities with a view to building a few kilometre long, horseshoe shaped dam and the Government would allocate the financial resources for building it so that the above-mentioned village should be protected in the future.
Of the about 250 homesteads in the village of Ceatalchioi around 200 were affected by waters. At present, according to the local authorities, in the village there are still about 50 people of the round 300 locals. People are now trying to protect the goods they have by placing them on the dam in the village.

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