Environment Minister Borbely: Recent floods destroy over 430 households

Over 430 households were wrecked by the recent floods, which is why the flood damages tally will be finished later on, said Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely, following the Governmental meeting on Wednesday.

‘We are working on reviewing the damages we need to send to the European Union. (…) Unfortunately, during the last couple of days, nearly 100 villages and over 430 households were affected, amounting to a total figure of around 1,000 houses which are either to the ground or just about to fall,’ said Borbely.

He also stated that as far as the Ministry of Environment is concerned, a first flood damages tally is already completed. ‘With respect to the Ministry’s area of responsibility, a first flood damages tally is ready and should be updated after the last couple of days, so I do not want to jump to conclusions as we work in a coordinated manner with the Interior Ministry. I hope we will present to you joint and coordinated data next week. We are working on it, there is no problem whatsoever,’ said Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely.

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