Export of textiles down in 2008

Export of textiles and textile products hit 4.290 billion euros (15 percent of the total Romanian exports) on October 31, 2008, while imports stood at 3.961 billion euros (8 percent of total Romanian imports), coordinator of the National Export Strategy, general manager of the Export Promotion department with the Ministry for SMEs, Trade and Business Environment  said,  on  the  occasion  of  the  national  conference  of  the  SEETAL  programme (familiarization  with  the  EU  acquis  and  strengthening  of  the  organisational structures  of  the associations  in the  South-East Europe,  in the  fields  of  textiles, ready-made  clothes  and leather industry).
The main export partner for Romania's textiles is Italy, accounting for 36.1 percent of total textiles export of Romania (1.102 billion euros) in 2007. The main non-Eu markets Romanian exports to are Serbia, the US, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia , United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.
In absolute figures, there were recorded drops worth 67.3 million euros in the export of blouses and chemises and 59.9 million euros in the export of shoes and also cuts by 3.5 percent in the import of textile-made products and leather-products.
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