ForMin Corlatean: Violence in Kyiv has to stop immediately; dialogue, the only solution to settle crisis


Romania’s Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean called for an end to violent clashes in Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv, pointing out that dialogue is the only way to settle the crisis.

‘We have been concernedly following the developments in Kyiv and we are firmly condemning all violent clashes without fail. Violence has to stop immediately. Dialogue is and stays the only way out of the current crisis in neighbour Ukraine,’ Romania‘s Foreign Ministry (MAE) quotes Corlatean as saying in a press release on Tuesday.

Corlatean also said that resumption of violence is a step backward, urging the parties involved to calmness and reasoning.

‘While flexibility points of late, both from the authorities and the Opposition, generated some positive expectations, the resumption of violence today, February 18, 2014, that unfortunately left behind human casualties, is a big step backward. We firmly believe that such situations that only generate escalation and intransigency must be avoided. In these moments of maximum tension, when there are again victims among Ukraine’s citizens, it should be realised, more than ever, that only dialogue can settle the crisis. Romania’s position, shared by the European Union as well, stays unchanged: dialogue is the only way to settle the crisis and reconcile the Power, the Opposition and the protesters,’ argued Corlatean.

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