Hydrological warnings till next Sunday

The Red Code declared on the Danube at the hydrometric station in Braila, Braila County (eastern Romania), will be in force till Monday, 4 pm, local time, according to the hydrological warning issued by the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA).

Thus, considering the current hydrological situation, the prediction of the evolution of the hydrological and meteorological situation in the Danube Basin upstream of entering Romania, at Bazias (western Romania), as well as the exploitation of the Portile de Fier Hydroelectric Power Station, they updated the previous hydrological warning and the Red Code will still be in force over July 11-12, on the Danube, at the hydrographic station in Braila.

Also in force will be the Orange Code over the same span of time, on the Danube, on the stretch between Cernavoda and Tulcea (both in south-eastern Romania), to go with the Counties of Galati (eastern Romania), Braila, Constanta (south-eastern Romania) and Tulcea, and over July 12-14, on the stretch between Braila-Galati and Tulcea, to go with Braila, Galati and Tulcea Counties.

INHGA declared the Yellow Code over July 11-12 on the stretch between Oltenita and Calarasi (both of them in southern Romania), to go with Calarasi County, and over July 12-14 on the stretch between Cernavoda-Vadu Oii and Isaccea, to go with Constanta and Tulcea Counties.
The Yellow Code was also declared over July 15-18, on the first day at Cernavoda and on the stretch between Braila and Galati, Constanta, Braila, Galati and Tulcea Counties, and till the end of the above-mentioned time span, only on the stretch between Isaccea and Tulcea, Tulcea County.

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