Liberals warn tax evasion hit 34 pct of GDP

Tax evasion in Romania reached an ‘alarming’ level of 34 pct of GDP, Liberal Senator Dan Radu Rusanu declared on Thursday in Deva (northwest of Bucharest), citing reports by international financial organizations.

In his opinion, a 10 percent cut in tax evasion would make the recently announced pension and wage trimming measures unnecessary. For a comparison, the Liberal Senator said that the tax evasion was 18 pct in 2008. Senator Dan Radu Rusanu added that in 2008 Romania‘s public debt was 21.3 pct of GDP, rising progressively to 30 pct in 2009 and in to 33 pct of GDP in April 2010.

„The government should leave, because they had a catastrophic year in 2009, the grimmest for Romania. It is in that time that the current economic catastrophe that hit Romania was generated. Today we bear the consequences of the lack of decision and of economic measures that should have been taken in 2009 by the Boc Government,” added Senator Dan Radu Rusanu.
The Liberal MP said that the real number of Romania’s unemployed exceeds 1.2 million, a figure that includes 400,000 people whose right to collect unemployment benefits has expired.

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