Mark Mobius: Romania’s stock market, one of the world’s most undervalued

The Romanian stock market is one of the world’s most undervalued, Managing Director of Franklin Tempelton Investments, the company selected to administer the assets of the Proprietatea Fund, Mark Mobius told the opening trade session of the Bucharest Stock Exvchnage (BVB) on Wednesday.

In his opinion, the Romanian stock exchanges have prospects for growth and there will certainly take place a bubble, but not in the next five years.

Mobius said that he came to Romania 12 years ago, when privatiszation started, and now there is a stock exchange in the country that is currently one of the world’s most undervalued capital markets.

Mobius, a guru of capital markets, also said that the global financial crisis has reached the bottom and there are signs of a recovery on the stock exchanges, which means that the economy should also bounce back next year.

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